Ellsworth Office

On Thursday, June 15th, Rudman Winchell, an established law firm with over a century of experience, proudly unveiled its newly renovated office space on High Street in the city of Ellsworth, Maine. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked a significant milestone in the firm’s expansion plans and reaffirmed their commitment to serving the central and Downeast Maine communities. With a blend of small-town attention and large-firm expertise, Rudman Winchell’s new office is poised to provide exceptional legal services while embracing the unique character of Ellsworth.

Prime Location and Inviting Ambiance

Group of men and women stand on the front steps of Rudman Winchell's Ellsworth office. Attorney Allison Economy, a woman with blonde hair, pink pants, and a navy blue shirt, prepares to cut a large red ribbon with over-sized ceremony scissors while others watch.Located at 140 High Street, the new Rudman Winchell office boasts a prime location, nestled between the renowned LL Bean and UPS Store. This two-story establishment presents an ideal platform for the firm to cater to the needs of Ellsworth and the surrounding areas. As visitors step into the office, they are greeted by an inviting reception area that exudes professionalism and warmth. The first floor, freshly renovated with a contemporary design, reflects the firm’s dedication to creating a comfortable and inspiring work environment for their attorneys and staff.

A Legacy of Excellence and Community Commitment

Rudman Winchell prides itself on a rich legacy of excellence, trust, and unwavering commitment to the communities it serves. With offices in both Bangor and Ellsworth, the firm has become a trusted legal partner, offering an extensive range of services provided by a team of respected attorneys. The firm’s culture fosters continuous learning, as younger associates are mentored by seasoned partners, ensuring that clients receive top-tier legal counsel in a wide variety of practice areas. The ethos of Rudman Winchell centers around delivering the specialization and expertise that each client’s matter deserves.

Memorable Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Group of men and women in front front doors of the office building. Woman with blonde hair, pink pants, and navy blue shirt holds giant scissors right after cutting large red ribbon. Everyone is celebrating.The official ribbon-cutting ceremony held on June 15th was attended by Rudman Winchell’s dedicated team of attorneys, notable guests, and local clients. Among the attorneys present were partners Allison Economy, who had the honor of cutting the ribbon, alongside Hans Peterson, Tony Pellegrini, Anne-Marie Storey, John Hamer, and Tim Pease. Diane O’Connell and Justin Bennett, attorneys at the new Ellsworth office, were also in attendance, showcasing their commitment to the local community.

Community Engagement and Growth

The Executive Director of the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce, PJ Keenan and her staff, graced the occasion, providing the ribbon and scissors for the ceremonial cutting. The presence of local banks and clients further highlighted the strong relationships Rudman Winchell has cultivated over the years. The ribbon-cutting ceremony served as a testament to the firm’s dedication to Ellsworth and its vision for growth and community engagement.

A Promising Future

With the opening of the new Ellsworth office, Rudman Winchell embarks on an exciting chapter of expansion and improved service delivery in the region. The firm’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to meeting the legal needs of local businesses and residents position them as a trusted partner for the Ellsworth community. With its prime location, thoughtful office design, and commitment to fostering lasting relationships, Rudman Winchell is poised to make a lasting impact on the legal landscape in Ellsworth and beyond.

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