The schedule has been announced for the 2015 HR Convention.

Rudman Winchell Anne-Marie Storey will present a “Mega Session.”

HR Legal Year-In-Review

Please join Anne-Marie Storey, an attorney with Rudman & Winchell in Bangor, Maine, as she tells ten of the best employment law “storeys” of the year. Anne-Marie is known for her incisive analysis, and she will review developments from the courts that impact day-to-day life in the HR world. You’ll be able to catalogue the information from the ten program components with these objectives in mind: 1) how to establish policies and practices that avoid workplace litigation 2) how to recognize an employment law issue in its nascent stage, when you might be able to mitigate the situation; and 3) what to do should an employment law claim blossom. Example: What is the STORY about employees using social media to bully other employees? Example: What is the STORY about having to allow “emotional support” service animals at work? Example: What is the STORY about an employer’s duty to raise the issue of religious accommodation? Example: What is the STORY about how broad is the “needed to care for” provision of the FMLA? Track: Legal Eagles.

Applying for HRCI general (HR) credit and SHRM credit.

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