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Choosing a professional fiduciary often comes from the desire to alleviate the burden on family members and to prevent potential conflicts.

Acting as a fiduciary involves a significant commitment of time and expertise, encompassing both the fulfillment of responsibilities and the continuous acquisition of knowledge to effectively manage these duties.

As stewards of your trust, our professional fiduciaries uphold the highest standards of loyalty, care, and expertise.

We are committed to delivering peace of mind by ensuring that your family’s financial and legal affairs are handled with the utmost diligence and care.

Fiduciary Special Needs Trusts

Our Commitment Extends Through Two Key Duties

At Maine Fiduciary Services, our commitment goes beyond managing legal responsibilities — we’re dedicated to enhancing your well-being and providing a sense of security. Our professional fiduciary services offer a multitude of advantages designed to simplify your life and safeguard your interests.

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Expert Guidance

Access experienced professionals providing expert legal and financial advice tailored to your unique situation. Benefit from comprehensive support in navigating complex decisions regarding your estate and future financial security.

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Objective Decision-Making

Experience peace of mind as our professional fiduciary consistently acts in the best interests of you and your loved ones. With diligent oversight and risk management, rest assured that your affairs are expertly managed, ensuring compliance with legal and tax obligations.

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Peace of Mind

Enjoy reduced stress and confidence, knowing that your affairs are being expertly managed. Our personalized approach ensures tailored financial strategies and services designed specifically to meet your objectives, providing asset protection and fostering family trust.

Choosing Rudman Winchell for your Estate Planning & Elder Law needs means partnering with professionals dedicated to guiding you through critical decisions with expertise and compassion, ensuring your peace of mind and the protection of your legacy.











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Benefit from years of successful service, offering a wealth of experience you can trust.

Personalized Solutions

Tailoring our services to your unique needs, ensuring a customized and effective approach.

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Deep knowledge and access to Maine’s legal and financial landscape, providing you with a competitive edge.

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Your interests are our top priority, and we act with unwavering integrity and dedication.

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Going beyond transactions, we prioritize building lasting relationships with a focus on your satisfaction.

Meet the Team

Penny G Smart Special Needs Trusts

With a distinguished career spanning over 40 years in the financial realm, Penny G. Smart serves as the Manager of Fiduciary Services at Maine Fiduciary Services. In her role, Penny takes charge of overseeing a spectrum of fiduciary relationships, including trusts, estates, special needs trusts, and limited powers of attorney. Her expertise lies in collaboratively working with estate planning and trust administration attorneys to ensure seamless and comprehensive client service.

A native Mainer, Penny’s journey in finance and trust administration began when she completed a two-year course majoring in Trust Administration and Investments at the prestigious New England School of Banking at Williams College in 1999. Her solid foundation and passion for the field led her to become the Vice President and Wealth Management Operations Manager for a local banking institution before joining Rudman Winchell in 2017.

Beyond her professional commitments, Penny finds joy in her family life. Alongside her husband, Michael, she raised two children into adulthood. Embracing the beauty of Maine, the couple enjoys camping by the lakes. Penny’s dedication to community involvement is evident through her past leadership in a local Girl Scout troop when her children were younger. Currently, she contributes to the local community as an active member of Rudman Winchell’s Community Committee with various fundraising efforts for local entities.

Penny G. Smart brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to her role, ensuring that clients at Maine Fiduciary Services receive knowledgeable and reliable guidance for their fiduciary needs.

Based upon my experience with Maine Fiduciary Services, I would gladly recommend them to anyone who asks. In fact, I am guardian to my disabled sister. Should a fiduciary trust need to be set for her, I would not hesitate to select Ms. Smart and Maine Fiduciary Services.
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