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At Rudman Winchell, we believe in providing aspiring legal minds with opportunities that go beyond the ordinary. Our summer associates, Ben Duddy and Bonnie Ingram, experienced firsthand the practical and enriching environment that sets our firm apart. Let’s take a closer look at their experiences and how their time at our firm has played a role in shaping their individual paths.

Ben Duddy: A Blend of Learning and Exploration

Ben Duddy, a young man with short blond hair, wears a white collared shirt and sits in front of a blue wall.Ben Duddy’s choice to intern at Rudman Winchell was a natural one. He had heard about our firm’s solid reputation among Maine’s law circles, making it a top contender for his summer internship. With a keen interest in municipal and land use practice, Ben found his niche within our firm’s diverse offerings.

“Rudman Winchell is a name that resonates in Maine’s legal landscape,” Ben noted. “The appeal of the municipal and land use practice group, coupled with the firm’s range of disciplines, made it a perfect fit for me.”

What stood out for Ben was the chance to interact with clients – an experience that law school simply can’t replicate. “Attending client meetings allowed me to engage on a personal level, an aspect of legal practice that truly broadened my perspective,” Ben shared.

Beyond client interactions, Ben’s internship honed his practical writing skills, giving him hands-on experience in drafting complaints and discovery requests. His exposure to municipal governments provided insights that transcended textbooks.

As Ben heads back to his 2L year, he carries with him not only practical skills but also a widened horizon, thanks to his experience with our team at Rudman Winchell.

Bonnie Ingram: Nurturing Talent Amidst a Supportive Environment

Bonnie Ingram, a young woman with brown wavy hair and bangs, is wearing a white sweater and brown plaid jacket. She sits in front of a blue wall. Inspiration led Bonnie Ingram to Rudman Winchell’s summer associate position. Introduced to the firm through Caitlyn Smith, Bonnie was intrigued by the prospect of diving into diverse practice areas and collaborating with a talented group of attorneys.

Reflecting on her experience, Bonnie shared, “Working alongside the litigation practice group at Rudman Winchell has been a rewarding journey. Each project posed unique challenges, but the supportive atmosphere and welcoming team made it a truly enriching experience.”

A highlight for Bonnie was her involvement in courtroom proceedings, including criminal and civil jury trials. “Witnessing trial attorneys in action, participating in jury selection, and gaining insights into courtroom dynamics have been invaluable lessons,” Bonnie affirmed.

These courtroom experiences sparked a deeper passion within Bonnie. “My summer at Rudman Winchell broadened my interests and fueled my determination to pursue litigation,” she added

As Bonnie enters her second year of law school, she plans to continue focusing on litigation, drawing from the rich experiences and practical knowledge gained during her summer at Rudman Winchell.

A Nurturing Environment for Legal Minds

Ben and Bonnie stand in front of Rudman Winchell's logo in a conference room. The experiences of Ben Duddy and Bonnie Ingram exemplify Rudman Winchell’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a practical learning platform. Our firm’s supportive and diverse environment has allowed these young legal minds to explore their interests, engage with clients, and gain insights that transcend the classroom.

At Rudman Winchell, we take pride in fostering growth and providing opportunities that pave the way for a successful legal career. As our interns return to their academic pursuits, we celebrate their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued growth in the legal field.

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