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plr Paul L. RudmanIn the legal community of Maine, the name Paul L. Rudman resonates with excellence and respect. Born and raised in Bangor, Maine, Paul dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice and the highest standards of legal practice. His passing leaves behind a legacy that is woven into the fabric of Rudman Winchell, the firm he helped shape and elevate.

A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Yale College, and George Washington University School of Law, Paul’s academic journey laid the foundation for a career spanning over four decades. Admitted to the bar in Maine and the District of Columbia in 1960 and to the federal bar in 1961, Paul swiftly gained recognition in the legal field.

Before his distinguished tenure as an Associate Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, Paul Rudman distinguished himself in the general practice of law. His focus on corporate law, transactional law, real estate development, and first-party insurance claims showcased his versatility and acumen in navigating complex legal terrain.

In 1992, Paul was appointed to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, where he served until his retirement on July 1, 2005. On the bench, Paul demonstrated a commitment to legal education and excellence. Chairing the Judicial Education Committee and the Sentence Review Panel, he nurtured the next generation of legal minds. His involvement with the Board of the Overseers of the Bar and the Media and Courts Committee underscored his dedication to upholding the highest standards of legal ethics and professional conduct.

Hon. Paul L. Rudman Speaks in front of a crowd. He stands next to a painting of his brother, Gerald Rudman. Colleagues and mentees remember Paul as a formidable force in the legal arena. His expertise in business, transactions, and corporate law set a standard of excellence. Frank McGuire, who worked closely with Paul, recalls his high standards and meticulous approach. “He was not always the easiest person to be supervised by, but he was straightforward and fair,” notes McGuire.

Bill Hanson, an attorney at Rudman Winchell for nearly four decades, reflects on Paul as a mentor. Paul’s efficiency and direct criticism shaped the professional growth of those under his tutelage. Bill tributes much of his success as a real estate lawyer to the guidance and mentorship he received from Paul, who instilled in him a transactional mindset.

Paul’s influence extended beyond the courtroom and office. Known for his disciplined work ethic, he, alongside his brother Gerald Rudman, maintained a disciplined firm. Regular Saturday morning work sessions and a commitment to proactive legal representation characterized the culture of Rudman Winchell during Paul’s tenure.

Bill Hanson notes that for many years one method of overseeing firm work quality involved maintaining copies of Rudman Winchell attorney correspondence in a binder outside Gerald Rudman’s office. Initially, the copies of these letters were on pink paper. “Reading the pinks” allowed supervisors, and indeed, all firm lawyers to inform themselves as to ongoing cases managed by their colleagues. Paul Rudman vigilantly examined the pinks. He often summoned associates, and even his partners, to review his concerns about the content of their correspondence. Bill recalls that Mr. Rudman almost always wrote the following penciled message on any letter meriting criticism: “Might we confer?” Receipt of such a summons was usually a matter of concern for the mentee. Bill recalls, however, that he and many others survived the reviews with Paul, and that their work improved, because of his concerns. Bill’s recollections shed light, not just on a disciplined tradition, but on the mentorship of a formidable figure who was highly regarded for his depth and precision.

Hon. Paul L. Rudman smiles for the camera at an event. Paul L. Rudman’s impact on the legal profession and Rudman Winchell lasts to this day. His diligence, exacting nature, and unwavering commitment to the legal community left a lasting impact on those who had the privilege of working alongside him. Whether on the bench, in the office, or in mentoring the next generation, Paul’s legacy is a testament to the enduring power of dedication, discipline, and excellence in the pursuit of justice.

Our team at Rudman Winchell extends our heartfelt condolences to Justice Paul L. Rudman’s family. May he rest in peace, and may they find solace in the memories of his remarkable life and the profound impact he had on the legal community.

Memorial contributions can be made to either the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, addressed to P.O. Box 1245, Albert Lea, MN 56007-9918, or the Justice Abraham M. Rudman Scholarship Fund at the University of Maine Law School. Donations to the scholarship fund can be sent to the Advancement Department at 246 Deering Avenue, Portland, ME 04102. Condolences can be sent to the family at

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