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Tim Pease, EsquireThe success of the Maine Campaign for Justice is a shining example of what we can achieve together. Under the leadership of 2023 Co-Chairs Tim Pease from Rudman Winchell and David Abramson from Verrill, with assistance from Campaign Director Angela Doyle and the Maine Justice Foundation, this initiative once again rallied the legal community around a cause close to our hearts—making sure everyone in our state can navigate the legal system, regardless of their financial situation.

In 2023, the Campaign made remarkable strides, raising over $636,000 to fund essential civil legal aid services for Mainers in need through grants to Pine Tree Legal Assistance, the Volunteer Lawyers Project, Maine Equal Justice, Legal Services for the Elderly, the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project and the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic. This effort was backed by nearly 1,300 members of the Bar and supported by the tireless work of nearly fifty attorneys volunteering their time. It’s a powerful reminder of our collective promise to keep justice within reach for every resident.

At Rudman Winchell, we’re particularly proud of our Managing Partner, Tim Pease. His leadership not only speaks volumes about his commitment but also mirrors our firm’s dedication to serving our community with integrity and compassion.

But the story of the Campaign for Justice is much bigger than any single achievement. For nearly two decades, this collective endeavor, championed by organizations like the Maine Justice Foundation, raising over $10 million dollars over the years, has been a lifeline for thousands of Mainers every year. Whether it’s securing protection from abuse, fighting evictions, or preserving essential government benefits, the Campaign ensures that fairness and equality aren’t just ideals—they’re realities for our neighbors.

Older couple meet with volunteer attorney to review paperwork.Michelle Draeger, the Executive Director of the Maine Justice Foundation, captures it perfectly. “The Campaign for Justice is a shining example of how collaboration can drive real, impactful change. It’s about more than legal aid; it’s about upholding the values of justice and equity that define us as a society.”

Yet, as we celebrate these achievements, we’re also reminded of the challenges that lie ahead. Economic disparities and legal barriers still stand in the way for too many of our neighbors. At Rudman Winchell, our commitment to dismantling these obstacles remains unwavering. We’re here to support initiatives that open doors to justice for every Mainer, regardless of their background or financial status.

So, here’s to the Maine Campaign for Justice, and to everyone who has played a part in its success over the years. To Tim Pease, David Abramson, Angela Doyle and the many hands that have helped build a more equitable Maine, we extend our heartfelt congratulations.

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