Sunset over Bass Harbor lighthouse in Acadia National Park.
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In October 2023, attorney Justin Bennett helped make significant strides in conservation efforts as he represented Frenchman Bay Conservancy (FBC) in the acquisition of the former Bar Harbor Golf Course in Trenton [Frenchman Bay Conservancy]. This acquisition marked a pivotal moment in preserving vital coastal wetlands and adjacent uplands, ultimately shaping the future Jordan River Preserve. Justin played a crucial role in collaborating with the State of Maine to administer federal funds as well as managing the purchase and closing processes.

The project encompassed the conservation of 186 acres of coastal wetlands and forests, safeguarding over a mile of vulnerable coastline from development while creating new opportunities for accessible outdoor recreation. Additionally, the acquisition aimed to protect critical habitat for threatened and at-risk species, contributing to the region’s ecological resilience.

Justin’s dedication to conservation extends beyond the Bar Harbor Golf Course project. He also played a pivotal role in FBC’s acquisition of the Whitney Community Forest near Ellsworth High School. This 405-acre property, combined with an additional adjacent parcel, now serves as an official preserve, providing public access for outdoor recreation and education [Ellsworth American].

As Justin continues to advocate for environmental conservation and community well-being, his efforts exemplify Rudman Winchell’s commitment to making a positive impact in Maine’s natural landscape and fostering lasting partnerships with organizations like the Frenchman Bay Conservancy.

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