Attorney Ben W. Worrell is on stage playing the electric guitarBenjamin W. Worrell brings a dynamic blend of expertise in Criminal Law, Family Matters, and Civil Litigation. With a commitment to safeguarding his clients’ interests, Ben supports them through the complexities of the legal system with dedication and a personal touch.

Ben’s career is particularly marked by his advocacy as a Guardian Ad Litem, where he passionately defends the rights of children, the elderly, and disabled individuals in sensitive divorce, guardianship, and adoption cases. His background in criminal law is equally impressive, focusing on defending constitutional rights and correcting judicial oversights. A notable highlight of his career includes leading Jasper County, Missouri, in referrals to treatment court programs for criminal defendants in 2022.

Known for his direct yet compassionate communication style, Ben ensures that his clients’ needs are central to the legal strategy. He is adept at translating complex legal scenarios into understandable terms, which reflects his deep empathy and realistic approach. In family law, his priority extends beyond resolving disputes; he aims to create cooperative frameworks that facilitate healthy post-divorce relationships.

Ben’s tenacity is rooted in his own challenges; he completed law school at Gonzaga University while navigating learning disabilities, graduating in 2017. This journey instilled in him a profound resilience and a unique capability to connect with clients on a human level. He is admitted to practice in Maine and Missouri, actively participating in both states’ bar associations as well as the local Joplin Bar Association.

Attorney Ben W. Worrell is posed in front of the coast with partner, Seantel.Outside the legal arena, Ben’s life is enriched by his early travels to diverse cultures in Italy and the Himalayas, experiences that broadened his perspectives and nurtured a deep understanding of various life philosophies. His childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot has transformed into fighting for his clients’ rights in courtrooms with vigor and integrity.

An avid Formula 1 fan and vintage firearms collector, Ben also cherishes music, playing several instruments. He is keen to contribute to the Bangor community by supporting music education for children through local nonprofits.

Approachable, ethical, and equipped with a strong moral compass, Ben is dedicated to guiding his clients through their legal challenges with clarity and empathy. If you need straightforward, compassionate legal guidance, reach out to Ben. He’s here to help you navigate your legal matters with confidence and care.

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Matters
  • Civil Litigation
  • Maine, 2024
  • Missouri, 2020
  • Bellarmine University, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, 2014
  • Gonzaga University School of Law, J.D., 2017