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Tim Pease is a highly experienced attorney, business executive, and community leader with over two decades of practice in municipal law, land use, and administrative law. Tim, the Firm’s current Managing Partner, is adept at building relationships naturally and quickly, motivating teams to accomplish shared goals, and effectively developing and promoting strategies to solve complex legal challenges.

Tim has a proven track record of working with large-scale developers, county and municipal governments, and handling general practice matters. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as a trusted advocate for clients seeking tailored legal solutions, ensuring that his strategies seamlessly align with each client’s individual circumstances. Tim’s deep, existing working relationships with key stakeholders and government officials and his skill in bringing together various team members and finding innovative pathways for development sets him apart in his field.

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When clients first meet Tim, they’re immediately impressed by his thoughtful and comprehensive approach. Drawing on his extensive business experience, Tim excels in helping clients grasp the realistic landscape of their legal matters while efficiently navigating the process toward their desired outcomes. His commitment to illuminating a clear path forward, one that ensures projects stay on track, showcases his distinctive approach. Tim’s client-centric philosophy, combined with his adaptability and comprehensive understanding, consistently results in experiences that exceed expectations.

Tim earned his Juris Doctorate from Seattle University in Washington and further enriched his legal education as a visiting student at the University of Miami. He is admitted to practice law in various jurisdictions, showcasing his commitment to serving clients in different regions. Tim actively participates in the community, serving on the board of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Justice Foundation. His contributions extend beyond legal expertise, as he provides valuable insights and perspectives to help further the goals of these organizations.

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Outside of his legal practice, Tim is an avid downhill skier, whitewater canoeist, and road cyclist. He also undertakes the Dempsey Challenge annually and has participated in triathlons. His passion for adventure and exploration translates into his legal work, where he constantly seeks new pathways to success.

Tim harbors a dream of becoming a game show host and enjoys sharing his love for adventure with his son by visiting a different football stadium across the country each year. In addition to his legal endeavors, Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to rent out a camper van he co-owns with a friend, providing vacationers with an opportunity to explore the beauty of Maine.

Tim Pease’s multifaceted background, exceptional legal skills, and client-centric approach make him a standout attorney in the field. His ability to find creative solutions, coupled with his passion for adventure, truly sets him apart. To benefit from Tim’s expertise and experience, contact him at Rudman Winchell today.


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