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More than lawyers, we’re your local allies. Count on us to guide you through legal matters with a personal touch. Your journey with us is built on trust.

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Discover legal expertise wrapped in Maine’s authenticity. Your legal path with us is a blend of precision and the genuine warmth that defines our state.

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We’re not just legal advisors; we’re committed to serving the people, businesses and communities across the state of Maine with a positive spirit and unwavering support.

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Legal Services

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From individual and family law matters to supporting small businesses, corporations, and municipalities, our expertise spans across a wide spectrum of legal practice areas.

Legal Services

Business & Corporate

Navigating the legal landscape of business, from startups to established enterprises, to ensure success and compliance.

Criminal Defense

Defending your rights and providing expert guidance through the complexities of criminal legal matters.

Civil Litigation

Advocating for your rights in the courtroom and providing strategic legal solutions for disputes.

Real Estate

Guiding you through real estate transactions, ensuring a smooth process in property matters.


Providing comprehensive immigration services to individuals and families seeking a path to a better future.

Municipal, Land Use & Environmental

Addressing legal aspects of local governance, land use planning, and environmental compliance.

Estate Planning & Elder Law

Crafting personalized plans to secure your legacy and navigating legal aspects related to elder care.


Empowering employers with legal guidance, protecting businesses in the ever-evolving landscape of employment law.

Family Matters

Guiding families through legal challenges with compassion and expertise in matters of divorce, custody, and more.

Non-legal Services

Fiduciary Services

Safeguarding your assets with expert trust ​and fiduciary services for lasting financial ​security.

Leadership Consulting

Empowering businesses through strategic ​guidance and leadership development for ​success in a dynamic landscape.

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